Jean-Luc Lindsay

Flower Painting
Flower Painting (2016)
oil on panel
8″ x 6″

Jean-Luc Lindsay’s work reminds the viewer of a collection of excerpts that diverge in tone and detail from one entry to the next, yet remain connected through their interlaced, broader narratives. The images tantalizingly vacillate between disclosure and disguise.

This body of work consists of images that consider the curation of home and memory through a hodgepodge depiction of wall decoration, album photography, personal documentation, and found objects. The work is designed to unfold across the images as a collection, operating within the interpretive potential offered by painting. Lindsay is interested in the ways images can both expose and occlude, and the ways individuals talk about themselves through the visible remnants of moments and memories. These paintings function together to form stories made of middles with no beginnings or ends; they function as fragments of a personal, collective diary entry.

Jean-Luc Lindsay completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing & Painting at OCAD University in 2016. His practice explores themes of collection and memory through iterative oil paintings. He has contributed to several group and juried shows in Toronto and throughout the Greater Toronto Area.