Janine Wheeler

Into the Depths
Into the Depths (2016)
oil on YUPO
26″ x 20″

Janine Wheeler is drawn to the beautiful subtleties of the natural world, such as the way water quietly shimmers and reflects in a creek or how it pools in a puddle. Her process-oriented oil paintings on smooth synthetic paper both stray from and evoke their inspired sources. She applies and manipulates layers of transparent fluid colour; this pooled, manipulated colour in turn creates textures and flattens space.

The paintings are a simultaneous illusion of flatness and depth. Wheeler allows the materials and the process to shape her work and chooses not to intervene in the “accidental” outcome of this painting process. Wheeler’s painting practice permits her to access this slippery visual space that is truthful to both the creative process and the imagery it represents. These paintings are an extension of her captivation with the phenomenological beauty that exists in the environments of her sources.

Janine Wheeler recently graduated from OCAD University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing & Painting. She lives and paints in her rural hometown of Baxter, Ontario, where the presence and abundance of beauty in the natural world inspires and drives her studio practice.