Doug Panton

The Worker (Art)
The Worker (Art) (2016)
digital print on paper
42″ x 65″

Doug Panton’s paintings and drawings evolve out of a spontaneous working process that relies on the subconscious as he creates drawings by absentmindedly “doodling” on paper. The artist then refines these “doodles” through a more mindful, less subconsciously driven process during which he selectively adds colour and reinforces formal elements in order to create a more finished work. Panton refers to this final work as a “noodle.”

His recent explorations of detailed and ambiguous images, which allow the viewer multiple entry points into an artwork’s peculiar reality, can be seen through the work presented in this exhibition. The Worker (Art) is visually and conceptually playful as disparate images are spliced into a new, reconstructed whole. The final work is simultaneously a single image and multiple different images, thereby creating an ambiguous and ever-shifting reality.

Doug Panton is a professional artist and designer, and is an instructor in the Illustration program at OCAD University. He has achieved a variety of international accolades in both practices, and continues to receive assignments that require the design complexity of a multi-faceted project outcome.