Alejandro A. Rebollar Heres

The Garden
The Garden (2016)
ink on Mylar
25″ x 27″

The Garden is part of a larger body of work called Eco Residency, in which Alejandro A. Rebollar Heres encourages the viewer to envision an imaginary space. This imaginary space is parallel to, and accessible from, our joint, real-world space. Eco Residency is inspired by the natural world’s abundance and creativity. It envisions an environment where humans are able to connect with nature and learn from its infinite wisdom. The Garden tries to envision not only the physical space of Eco Residency, but also its abstract, nonmaterialist dimension. In this work, preconceived notions of reality are challenged and the imagination is emancipated.

The imaginary world represented through Eco Residency is not intended to trap visitors in its parallel space—travel between the two realms is actively encouraged. The hope is that this movement between the worlds will enable discovery of once-hidden layers of consciousness and spirituality, leaving a lasting impression on travellers’ psyches.

Alejandro A. Rebollar Heres lives and works in Toronto. Rebollar Heres completed a Bachelor of Design in Environmental Design, with a minor in Sculpture/Installation, at OCAD University. During his time at OCAD University, he also participated in an exchange program with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.