Other Worlds

Featuring works by 19 contemporary Ontario artists affiliated with OCAD University, Other Worlds invites us to cross surreal thresholds and witness how our perspectives shift when dissimilar elements collide: when light encounters darkness, flatness yields to depth, and fantasy mingles with reality. From beneath often unassuming surfaces, complex eddies of meaning and commentary emerge from stark contrasts in form, style, and colour.

Displayed on the first floor of the Lieutenant Governor’s Suite at Queen’s Park, Other Worlds vividly affirms the value of embracing ties with those beyond our borders while at the same time seeking to strengthen one’s own community. Just as the artists have created works that examine the convergence of disparate visual worlds, viewers are encouraged to make space in their lives to engage with unfamiliar cultures, groups, and social issues. In the shadow of an increasingly globalized and crowded world, Other Worlds proclaims that there is much to gain by bringing more of Ontario to the world, and by inviting more of the world to Ontario.