Yasemin Oncu

de·monstra·tion (2016)
acrylic paint on paper
24″ x 18″

Turkish political posters and current dramatic, cruel political events inspire Yasemin Oncu’s art. These drawings form part of a body of work called de·monstra·tion. They are studies for monsters that find their way onto flags that parallel Turkish political flags. In Turkey, flags are used to promote politicians and political parties; however, Oncu replaces the political figures with constructed, imaginary monsters. The monsters attempt to “demonstrate” how art can be used as a tool to subvert political moral degradation and its associated demonization of the other.

Through her introduction of the monster as a metaphorical third party in the political arena, Oncu problematizes antagonistic political conflicts that are defined by a clash of extremes. The monsters resist classification built on the hierarchical duality of good and evil because they embody a host of associations, including fear, desire, anxiety, and fantasy. They are the mirrors in which the viewer can see a reflection of his/her own unconscious. Oncu’s drawings join the visual with the political spectacle in order to introduce a humorous critical response that comments on these deceptive daily encounters.

Yasemin Oncu completed a Master of Fine Arts in the International Master’s in Art, Media and Design program at OCAD University in 2016. Through her paintings, drawings, and installations, Oncu seeks to produce an artistic response to contemporary forms of aggression and violence.