Wanda Koop

St Lawrence Seaway

Anne-Marie Lives on that Island: Seeway Series

Anne-Marie Lives on that Island: Seeway Series
Acrylic on canvas
76.2 x 101.6 cm
On loan from the artist, courtesy of Division Gallery

In June 2010, I boarded the Canadian Steamship Line ocean freighter Birchglen, along with Captain Bob Willkie, cinematographer Marcia Connolly, and filmmaker Katherine Knight. This was the beginning of a journey down the St Lawrence Seaway, which I recorded in SEEWAY, a series of luminescent waterscapes drawn from past memories and jotted sketches. With intentional anonymity in content, Anne-Marie Lives on that Island demonstrates the ability to reference a possibility of multiple locations, thus allowing viewers to relate under various circumstances. Here, vague islands in numerous washes of blue reflect on both the mood and weather in time, while there remains a continuous interruption of drips in condensation through my window viewpoint. The outcome of this voyage is extremely gratifying as I continue to periodically include new works to the series.